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My RP Meme → Female FCs I’d Like to Use [1/6]


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Things that need to be more affordable:

-plane tickets

-whole, natural foods


-workout clothing

-phone bills

-University (education) tuition

Things that need to be more expensive:

-processed foods that are causing the obesity rate to skyrocket



more things that need to be more affordable:



-medical treatment

-concert tickets

more things that need to be more expensive:

-fines on DUIs


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The X-men comics were literally a metaphor for racism and xenophobia. This is meaningful because it is meant to be powerful and an accessible metaphor for nearly anyone who has ever felt maligned for reasons beyond their control.

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Black Power Nap!

How I came out.

Popped out the womb like.

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She was preaching

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Black Superheroes in Comic Book Movies.

I wanted to make this to show my appreciation to black superheroes. As you can see, it’s not a lot of them in Hollywood films. But, unlike DC, I can respect Marvel for featuring several black superheroes in their comic book movies. And we are still waiting on Black Panther, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Static and many more. 

 (click the images to view the character names) 

Will.I.Am character don’t count

Why not?

Cuz he white

you know the only reason why there is a black nick fury in the comics is because samuel jackson played him in the movies and marvel liked it so much they made a black nick fury

I’m hoping you’re half-kidding bc the comics came out before the movies, and for the reboot, they based black!nick on sam and previous characters he’s played…

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It’s unfortunate how many people didn’t take this message away from the debate.

Bill Nye was just SO ENTHUSIASTIC about the topic. You could tell.

For God’s sake, the man was trying to teach people about photosynthesis when asked what his favourite colour was. That’s a man that ADORES science and absolutely loves teaching people.

Suddenly, I was 12 and watching a Bill Nye The Science Guy episode at my grandma’s school while she was decorating the gym.

Bill Nye is like the Mister Roger’s of science

he legitimately cares about what he is talking about and enthusiastically encourages people to take something positive away from it

Bill Nye is the Mister Rogers of science

Bob Ross is the Mister Rogers of art

and Mister Rogers is… well, Mister Rogers

what if they could join forces


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Haifa House | Source | More

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inFAMOUS Second Son - Concept Artworks

by Levi Hopkins

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Kody (Pretty Boy) Ingham (pictured above) was found hanging from a tree in front of his white girlfriends house on July 15, 2013 (the same night as the George Zimmerman verdict) in Athens, Texas. it was chalked up as a suicide and no investigation ensued, even though two hours prior he called his mother to pick him up from the site he died at. no newspaper article, just a four sentence obituary in the local papers and his family has been trying hard to make any mainstream news channel blow up the story to find the killers.

Roy Veal was found hanging in Woodville, Mississippi in 2004. he originally lived in Seattle and went to his mother’s home in Woodville to help her fight for the rights to their family land against a white man. Oil had been found underneath the land.

Roy’s head was covered with a pillow case and burned papers of the documented proof he had to prove his mothers’ ownership were found burned at his feet. He was later found hanging from a tree. His death was ruled a suicide.

His family is still trying to get attention for the case 

Reynard Johnson, 17, was found hanging from a tree on his front lawn on June 16, 2000 in Kokomo, Mississippi. His death was ruled a suicide even though the belt around his neck was not his. Authorities said since no hate group left a message by the body, there was nothing to investigate. Family members said the motive was his relationship with a white girl, he was constantly being harassed because of this.



This stuff still happens guys. Boosting